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Empowering The Goddess Within
What is Yoni?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina which can translate into: 

What is Yoni Healing? 

Yoni Healing is a highly specialised body work that can help you unleash your sexual potential, to eradicate the blockages that you may have restored in your body, to get in touch with your feminine, and to mend your relationship with the masculine. 

Yoni Healing is where you can end the victimised mindset, take full responsibility for your inner world, empower yourself and heal your body once and for all! 

Unlike the other types of massage, Yoni Healing is not a passive treatment. It is a collaboration where you and I work together as a team in order to break through all the barriers that sit between you and your super-powers. However, in this healing session, through communication, you lead your own experience and create your own healing paths.

​In this practise, my role as the practitioner and space holder is to provide you with my undivided presence and to shine the light of awareness on the areas that are blocked, painful or numb.


 This experience can bring up variety of emotions and is designed to take you through them and to support you on your healing path to freedom, love and pleasure. In the session, I will be the light-house that guides you on your journey, no matter how chaotic or blissful, how stormy or calm it may be. 

My promise is to offer you my presence and my love. I am there with you, side by side to create a safe environment where you can heal your own body and empower your inner Goddess.




What are the benefits of Yoni Healing?

The most important benefits of Yoni Healing are:

  • A safe environment in order to let go and surrender

  • Experience what it means to receive abundantly

  • Heal your relationship with Masculinity 

  • Bring balance, sensation and aliveness to your Yoni

  • Heal your wounds and traumas caused by the ignorance and the unconsciousness 

  • Unleash your full sexual potential

  • Become Multi-Orgasmic

  • Begin to enjoy sex in its full capacity  

  • Reconnect to your essence as a woman

  • Feel your Yoni and all the beautiful sensations that she can offer 

  • Discover your body and explore your Yoni in a completely new light 

What does Yoni Healing include?
  • The most fundamental element of Yoni Healing is that you feel Safe. Therefore, we begin the session by setting Intention, expressing Fear, and discussing clear Boundaries

  • A full body massage to bring your body into a deep state of relaxation. 

  • Pelvic Liberation. Your pelvic holds your sex and for your sexual energy to run freely in your body, these muscles need to be free of tension. This part of the session includes working with lower back muscles, Glutes, Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, and all the muscles around the Yoni. 

  • Yoni Massage. This is where you get to relax, let go and enjoy a long and sensual Yoni Massage. This would allow your body to slowly dive deep into the state of arousal, brings blood flow into your genitals and prepare your Yoni to become more receptive. 

  • Yoni Mapping. A guided touch in order for you to feel and connect with every inch of your Yoni.

  • Yoni Healing. This is the main part of the session. At this stage, with constant communication, we explore your Yoni and find any spot(s) that carry pain or numbness. Pain means surplus of energy, Numbness means lack of energy. Together, we release any tension and trauma restored in your Yoni and bring aliveness to any part that may be desensitised. 

  • Yoni Worshipping. A beautiful, sacred and empowering practice where you and your Yoni will be worshipped by the divine Masculine. 

  • Pleasure. After the Yoni Healing, it is time for you to enjoy all the orgasmic sensations that your Yoni may offer. This is where you can reconnect to all the erogenous parts of your Yoni and feel what it means to become Multi-Orgasmic. 

  • Integration. At the end, you will be covered with a sarong in order to stay with your own energy and to feel all the subtle sensations and vibrations that are floating in your body. 

  • Sharing. An opportunity for you to reflect back on your journey and share about your experience. 

My promise to you
  • To be a person of Integrity

  • To honour and respect your boundaries. 

  • To honour and respect my boundaries.

  • To be at service to you and your healing path. 

  • To offer you my undivided presence

  • To create a safe space where you can be at ease. 

  • To recognise the depth of your courage

  • To honour your vulnerability

  • To always be in my heart

  • To have compassion and love

How much is the Exchange?
Yoni Healing
4 Hour Session