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How much is the Exchange?
Body- Dearmouring
3 Hour Session
Eradicating Emotional Blockages
What is body De-armouring

Body De-armouring or Emotional Rebalancing is a unique Body Work that results in physical, emotional and mental cleansing. The basis of Body De-armouring is to acknowledge the fact that you are not just a physical form but you also consist of an energetic (emotional) and a mental body.

These 3 aspects of you are interrelated and each of their state can easily influence how well the others function.



For instance, negative thoughts can manifest themselves in the physical form through faster breathing, increased heart rate and muscle contraction. They can also influence your energetic (emotional) body by generating anger, shame or frustration. Alternatively, having unpleasant emotions such as anger, can further affect your chain of thoughts and cause your physiology to change.  

Sadly, due to lack of education, the understanding of our emotional body is very limited. Most of us haven’t been showed how to process our emotions (energy in motion) properly.

It is also essential to remind ourselves that energy doesn’t disappear, it just changes form. When Emotions (energy) are generated, if they are not processed correctly, they:


  1. Can be restored in your body as an emotional imprint or blockage.
    Think about your energetic body as a river where the water is the energy. You want your body to resemble a river with water flowing very smoothly. However, when you have blockages, they act like big rocks that interfere with the flow. The water still runs, but it will be much more chaotic.


  2. Can change the frequency of your being.
    Emotional imprints, if not released, can easily change the frequency of your energy-body. If you are full of unprocessed anger, shame or frustration, overtime, your energy-body will shrink and your vitality will be highly damaged.


  3. Can become the dominant emotions in your body.
    For instance, If you are a person who is constantly angry, then your body becomes addicted to such emotion. The law of familiarity will play its role and you can easily feel anger on a more regular basis.  


  4. Can affect the habit pattern of your mind.
    Emotions affect your mental state. If you are constantly feel shame, then such unpleasant feeling can affect how you live your life and perceive the world. Unprocessed emotions can easily affect your behaviour and limit you from expressing your authentic and true self.


  5. Can block the flow of Sexual and Orgasmic Energy.  
    Your Yoni (vagina) is the centre of your sexuality. This is where you access your creativity, femininity and your full power. When your body is filled with emotional blockages, the orgasmic energy generated in your Yoni, cannot spread around the body and you will have a very difficult time experiencing full body orgasms.


Body-De-armouring is where you and I will work together to release the Emotional blockages that you may have restored in your body. Emotions such as, Frustration, Anger, Fear, Grief, Shame, Bitterness, Guilt and etc.

What are the benefits of body De-armouring?
  • Feel more joy and love

  • Deeper connection to your heart

  • Be able to surrender and heal yourself

  • Bring vitality and bliss to your life

  • Reset your body and mind

  • Detox your Emotional Body

  • Release the blockages that affect your expansion

  • Stronger sex drive

  • Deeper connection to your inner feminine

  • Heal your past traumas

  • Deeper connection to your sexuality

  • Change the habit pattern of your mind

  • Incorporate new and more workable belief systems

  • Heal the ancestral wounds

How does a session look like?
  • Each session will usually last between 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Depending on your healing process.

  • Your safety is my main concern. That is why we begin every session by connecting through our breath and a meditation. Then, we set our intention and express what we are feeling (fear, excitement…)

  • The next step is Setting Boundaries. Clear Boundaries are by far the most important element of each session.

  • A full body massage to relax your body.

  • Slowly guiding your body into the state of arousal. This is a crucial step in your healing journey. (everything we do is completely based on your boundaries that we set at the beginning of the session)

  • When your mind and body is aroused, then we will begin the Body De-armouring.

  • Body-De-armouring is a form of trigger (pressure) point in which I will hold on specific points in your body in order to release the trapped emotions in those areas.  
    (You will be given the tools to use in order to move the energy and to further release the emotional blockages.)

  • Yoni Worshipping Ritual.

  • A sensual massage in order to bring softness and pleasure back in to the physical form.  

  • Empowerment Through Pleasure. A beautiful Technique (credit to Ohad Ezrahi) in which I will repeat the affirmations that you need to incorporate in your life. When you are aroused and relaxed, your subconscious is more open and hearing the affirmations will have a much more powerful effect in your mind.

  • Ending the session by covering you with a sarong.

  • Sharing

Why do we use sexual energy?

Please keep in mind that in Body De-armouring we use the element of sexual energy however, it is NOT an erotic body work.

I believe that most of our emotional imprints have been created in relationship to others. It can be with your parents, your siblings, your best friends, co-worker, etc. And sexual energy is basically the energy of relating. It is the energy that encourages us to belong, to relate and to unite.

By guiding you into a deep state of arousal at first, your body will begin to change. When you are aroused, you enter an altered state of consciousness. Sensitivity of your pain receptors decreases and your pleasure receptors amplify. Your subconscious become more open the entire frequency of your body changes.

Since most of the blockages in your body is related to your sexual energy (it is not about having sex but just the energy of relating), when you are aroused, in this frequency,  the blockages come to the surface and releasing them becomes much more efficient and more effective.

My promise to you
  • I will offer you my undivided presence

  • I will honour and respect your boundaries

  • I will honour and respect my boundaries

  • I will stay in my heart 

  • I will serve you

  • I will create a safe environment where you can let go and surrender to your process

  • Everything we do will stay confidential

  • I will acknowledge your courage and vulnerability