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Sia Di Healing
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"Your task is not to seek for love. But merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." 

 My Offerings
Entering a negative state of being such as anger, frustration, shame, fear etc. can easily create emotional imprints in your body. These imprints can interfere with the flow of energy and influence how you express yourself in the world.

Body De-armouring or Emotional Rebalancing is a hands-on body work that helps eradicate such energetic blockages and allows you to feel open, light and blissful. 
Any unwanted, traumatic, dissatisfactory and unpleasant sexual experience can create blockages in the Yoni (vagina) that lead to either pain or numbness.  
Energetic imbalances in the Yoni can also stop you from accessing your full sexual potential, your inner feminine and to damage the amount of pleasure you experience when making love. 
Yoni Healing is a highly specialised and unique approach to bring aliveness into the Yoni. It helps you reconnect to your essence as a woman and it is great way to heal your body. 

My intention is to be
to SERVE you &
to create a SAFE SPACE.  


"I would 100% recommend a session with Sia to any woman who wants to create more connection, more intimacy & more depth with herself, her sensuality, her sexuality & her body as a whole."

Arja - Tantra Teacher, Sacred Sexuality Coach

"What I liked a lot was that Sia explained step-by-step what was going to happen which allowed me to let go and surrender. And the experience was really refreshing, uplifting, so feminine, so soft, gentle, and I feel like glitter all around me!"

Viorika - Yoga Teacher, Artist

"I definitely recommend a session with Sia. He created a very safe environment, made me feel very comfortable, and helped me to release and access my traumas that I was not even aware of!
Through the use of his touch, words and support he made it possible for me to feel safe enough to release, something that I find it very difficult to do normally."

Lea - Performance Artist, Dancer

About Sia

Hi beloved!

I am a Sacred Sexuality Coach, Body-Worker, Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Pleasure & Intimacy Teacher and Author. 

My mission is to contribute to a world where women can feel Safe, Respected, Accepted and Equal.

I believe it is time to shift the old paradigm and begin a new phase in which the Feminine can be honoured in her full glory. It is time to end the suffering that been caused by the collective unconsciousness and to bring light and love into our hearts.